The Saskatchewan Karate Association (SKA) was formed in 1977, incorporating a number of systems, or styles of karate, which met the necessary ethical and technical standards of training and instruction. The goal of the association is to promote and develop karate as a martial art and as a sport throughout the province. Meeting this goal involves:

  • Encourage wide participation in the sport of karate;
  • Standardizing and supervising the quality of karate instruction;
  • Instructing “Karate-Do” (The Karate Way);
  • Examining and registering student rank and other technical qualifications;
  • Sponsoring seminars and other events;
  • Developing qualified coaches, instructors and officials;
  • ooperating with organizations for development of karate;
  • Producing written materials related to Karate, and other activies to assist that goal of the “SKA”;

INSURANCE BENEFITS – The SKA purchases Sport Accident Insurance through Sask. Sport. SKA members are insured when training at karate clubs affiliated with the SKA. Members are also insured at seminars and competitions.

SEMINARS – The SKA hosts provincial seminars/dan gradings, bringing in instructors of the highest calibre. Karateka from around the province and abroad attend seminars to learn karate from highly respected Karate Instructors. Those attending these seminars also have the opportunity to test for their dan (Blackbelt) grading.

PROVINCIAL TOURNAMENTS – The SKA finances two Provincial Tournaments per year. These tournaments are hosted by various SKA Clubs throughout the province. The Provincial Spring tournament is usually held in March or April and the fall tournament in October or November.

NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS – Each year, the SKA selects a team of athletes to compete at National Karate Championships. Team selection for National Championships is based on placings at Provincial Spring Tournaments. National Championships are held in various provinces throughout Canada. Financial assistance may be provided to selected athletes to attend these competitions.

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS – Competitive Athletes at the advanced level may be selected to compete at International Competitions that take place each year.  Team selection is based on National Tournament placings.

ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM – The SKA’s Athletic Development Program is available to all participants (green belts and up) who are 14 years of age or older. This program runs from September – May each year in Saskatoon/Regina and is coached by Sensei Mark Minarik. Athletic Development helps increase the athlete’s karate skills and helps prepare them for Provincial, National and International Competitions. Out–of- town Athletic Development participants are partially reimbursed through a car allowance allotted when travelling is required.

ATHLETE’S ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – The SKA financially assists athletes who are eligible for this yearly grant. Athletes are prioritized based on the SKA Elite Athlete Criteria. Athletes Assistance recipients must sign an “SKA Athlete Assistance Agreement” agreeing to the conditions of the program in order to be eligible for the grant.